Information for Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

Volunteers, Faculty & Staff

Thank You

As we prepare for next year, we first acknowledge our amazing faculty, staff, and volunteer ambassador and marshals who played a vital role this past May at the 252nd Anniversary Commencement. Thank you for your commitment, enthusiasm, and pride in celebrating our newest graduates and ensuring a joyous occasion for our students, families, and friends.

A Special Thank you to Gonfaloniers

Each year select faculty and staff lead degree candidates onto the field of High Point Solutions Stadium during the academic procession. These faculty and staff are called gonfaloniers because they carry the school's gonfalon, a banner that hangs down from a crosspiece and bears the school's name and symbol.

2018 University Commencement Gonfalons

View our photo gallery of gonfaloniers and school gonfalons. Hover over and/or click on the image below to see the photos.

2018 Rutgers Commencement Gonfalons