Accessibility Information for Guests with Special Needs or Disabilities

The University Commencement Office coordinates with the Rutgers Office of Disability Services to ensure that our guests enjoy visiting campus for the festivities. For those with disabilities or requiring other accommodations for University Commencement, on Sunday, May 14, 2017, below is information on special-needs parking, seating, alternate viewing options, and traveling on campus.

Please consider the accommodations below to enjoy a great Commencement experience.

Register for Special-Needs Parking 

Online registration for special-needs parking hangtags is now closed. For questions, please contact the Commencement Office at 848-932-2469.

Plan Ahead

  • If you registered for a special-needs parking hangtag, please be sure to bring your hangtag, instructions, and map with you during your visit to campus on May 14. 
  • There will not be any curbside drop-off available at the stadium. Curbside drop-off is available for those assigned to and who display a hangtag for the Orange-Zone special needs parking area.
  • A moderate traveling distance will be required to get to the stadium and to seating. (For approximate distances, see the "Know Before You Go" box on the left/bottom.)
  • Please remember, only clear bags and bags smaller than 4.5 inches x 6.5 inches may be brought into the stadium. View the High Point Solutions Stadium Policies page for a complete list of prohibited and permitted items. Umbrellas and balloons are not permitted.
  • Consider viewing the event from the comfort of indoors. See the Indoor and Off-Site Viewing Options below.
  • For school convocations, check with your individual school for special needs parking and seating arrangements. Learn more about school convocations.

Traveling on Campus with Disabilities and Special Needs

  • If you require a wheelchair or other device for mobility, you must bring it with you. Walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters are permitted in the stadium, but are not supplied by the university.
  • Depending on your arrival time at the stadium, you may have a distance to travel from your parking location and then within the stadium itself to the next available special-needs seat, and we want you to be aware of this prior to your arrival.

Special-Needs Seating Information

  • Limited special-needs seating is available at the stadium through any gate.
  • Upon entering the stadium, proceed to the first available special-needs seating on the street-level row, or one or two rows down from this. Event staff will provide individuals and one companion with tickets to sit in the special-needs seating section on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Only one companion may join the special-needs guest in these designated seating areas. Other members of your party may sit in rows adjacent to, but not in, the special-needs seating area.

For the Hearing Impaired

  • Closed-captioning and American Sign Language interpreters will be provided on the stadium video screens. For questions related to special-needs accommodations at University Commencement, contact 848-932-2469.

Indoor and Off-Site Viewing Options

Take advantage of these indoor viewing options:

  • Live Streaming Webcast: You can view University Commencement online from this website, starting at 8:30 a.m. on May 14. Commencement begins at 10 a.m. A high-speed internet connection, such as cable or fiber optic network, is recommended.
  • Student Centers: Watch University Commencement from the comfort of indoor viewing rooms in the Busch Student Center, Livingston Student Center, or College Avenue Student Center. Situated indoors, guests can enjoy watching a live stream of University Commencement and the School of Arts and Sciences Convocation in the comfort of air conditioning and cushioned seats and remain out of the sun and weather. Restrooms and limited concessions will be open. Curbside drop-off to any of these student centers is available as well. No tickets are required and seating is general admission.

Attending School Convocations

  • For more information on accessibility for all individual school ceremonies, please contact the school's main office. Visit the School Convocations page for links to individual schools.